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10000mAh MacSafe Powerbank Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

10000mAh MacSafe Powerbank Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

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The appearance is exactly the same as the official one, and the product workmanship is first-class. With charging double popup effect, only IOS14.7 supports the above support popup effect.

The battery capacity is increased to 5000mAh. The charging power of the LIghting interface is 18W, the charging power of the mobile phone connected to the power supply is 15W, and the wireless charging power of the mobile phone is 15W.

It can be charged continuously for 2 hours, and the 12Pro wirelessly charges 80~90 power, which is safe and stable without damaging the battery.

It can not only charge mobile phones, but also charge Air headphones, smart watches and other devices.

Friends, if you want to know more about the authenticity of the product, you can contact me for consultation, and you can send coupons.


Free 2 magnetic rings


Product Model: Magnetic Wireless Power bank Macsafe Battery

Input parameters: 5V/3A

Battery type: polymer lithium ion battery

Mobile power with cable charging power: 15W

Mobile power wireless charging output power: 15W

size 5000mah : 9.6cm*6.4cm*1.4c

10000mAh: 11.1cm*6.8cm*1.9cm

Product material: ABS+PC

Product packaging weight: 5000mAh 140g 10000mAh 250g

color: White

Usage: magnetic

5000mAh Interface: Lightning

Packaging standard: mobile power *1 manual *1

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